Ruth is best known for his appearances with the WWF in the late 90s, where he formed a successful tag team, The Headbangers, with Charles Warrington (Mosh). The Headbangers, a pair of metal fans, were known for their outrageous costumes, which usually featured long plaid skirts. They captured the vacant WWF World Tag Team Championships on by defeating three other teams in a four team tag match at Ground Zero. They lost the titles to The Godwinns on October 5.

The Headbangers split in 1999 when Ruth suffered a leg injury and Warrington began pursuing a singles career, but reformed in late 1999 on the October 10 edition of Sunday Night Heat when Ruth came to Warrington's aid during a domestic violence angle, which saw him vilified by other wrestlers and officials alike for a number of weeks. Ruth had presented video footage of Warrington's (kayfabe) girlfriend Marianna Komlos putting on makeup to make it seem as if Warrington had been abusing her, The police officers arresting Warrington then uncuffed him and arrested Komlos for her lies.

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