In April 1993, Mike Shaw wrestled for the World Wrestling Federation briefly as Friar Ferguson, a "mad monk". The character was soon abandoned due to negative feedback from the Catholic Church and the media in the New York area. Shaw then took the ringname Bastion Booger in June 1993, with the gimmick of an unkempt, slovenly and gluttonous man who wrestled in dingy singlets and a partial facemask (similar to the one worn by Big Van Vader). Shaw's debut in the Booger character saw him lose to Virgil, though Booger did win a rematch the following week. Booger achieved only marginal success, primarily serving as a jobber to the stars.

At one point he feuded with Bam Bam Bigelow during a storyline in which Booger fell in love with Bigelow's valet, Luna Vachon. While teaming with Bigelow on the January 3, 1994 episode of Monday Night Raw, Booger kissed Vachon, causing Bigelow to get angry. Booger and Bigelow faced each other the following week, and Bigelow won the match after Vachon distracted Booger by blowing him kisses. The Bastion Booger gimmick began to become popular with some fans, which spurred talks of turning the character face. However, the WWF decided to release Shaw in early 1994.

Shaw retired from professional wrestling in 1998. He currently resides in Skandia, Michigan. He was spotted at a wrestling event in New Jersey wrestling for the National Wrestling Superstars in 2006, and occasionally worked as a bouncer at the now-closed Shamrock Bar in Marquette, Michigan.

On December 10, 2007 during the WWE Raw 15th anniversary special, he returned as Bastion Booger in the opening segment where it was jokingly suggested, by Triple H, that Big Dick Johnson is his kayfabe son.

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