Evan Bourne made his debut match against Shelton Benjamin, and lost.He later teamed with Kofi Kingston to face Shelton Benjamin and Mike Knox.Evan Bourne used his shooting star press signiture move to take out his opponents.At Cyber Sunday, the fans voted him to face Matt Hardy for the ECW championship, but lost the match.Two days later Bourne dislocated his right ankle.Bourne Soon returned and defeated Jamie Noble.Bourne soon entered a feud with Mark Henry, defeating him by countout and later defeating his manager, Tony Atlas.    

On June 29, Bourne was traded to the Raw brand.Bourne defeated the United States champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title match.He later saved Hornswoggle from Chavo Guerrero.Following weeks Evan Bourne defeated Chavo, while Hornswoggle shot a water gun at him.Bourne then faced Kofi Kingston in a qualifying match for Bragging Rights, but lost. At the 2009 Slammys, he was defeated by the Legacy, teaming with Kofi Kingston. On December 27, He teamed with Kofi and Mark Henry, and defeated Legacy and Randy Orton. Bourne then won a ECW Homecoming qualifying match, defeating Mike Knox, but was thrown out of the battle royal early.  

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